What's up with Google?

by Sander Gerz February 03, 2004 23:04

Google does not seem to work properly anymore. I've been running a couple of queries, i.e. “dataset webservices”, “vb.net articles” and “C# encryption”. Just some random (well not quite) searches.

The first urls in the result list are more or less adequate, but on each of the first result pages, at least four results lead to other searchengines:

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What the f... If I enter the exact same query in Mozilla Firebird, all results appear normal. How can this be?  Even when I copy google's query-url in Firebird all results are what they are supposed to be, no stupid links to other search-sites. It doesn't seem to be adware, since Spybot Search&Destroy doesn't find anything. Is it the update of Google's index? If so, than some part of their index is dirty.

If someone can explain this to me, I'd be grateful.


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